Added: 09/05/2016

Why do I see a double image when using the VR Headset?

Check that the mobile phone is located correctly in the headset and adjust the pupil distance control on the headset.

If you have never used a VR Headset before your eyes may need to become accustomed to the VR image, this may take a minute or so.

Why is the Image not in focus?

Adjust the focus controls on the side of the headset until a clear picture is displayed.

You can also rotate each lens independently of the other to compensate for any differences that you may have between your left and right eyes.

How do I find VR Apps?

App Store – VR content can be found by using your phones app store by using the search terms:

VR – Cardboard – 3D etc.

Where can I watch VR and 3D Movies?

You Tube has a vast variety of video clips which can be found by using the search terms:

3D Side by Side – SBS – VR – 360 Degree etc.

Can I use the VR headset to play a normal movie?

You cannot play back a standard video clip or app through the VR Headset; it must be VR compatible i.e. in the Side by Side format

How can I stop the phone-bracket from interfering with the buttons on my phone?

STEALTH VR headsets are designed to be compatible with all Android & iOS smartphones 4-6 inches in screen size. Unfortunately this universal compatibility means that the spring-loaded clamp comes into contact with the buttons on the side of some models, as every phone has a different design and dimensions. If your STEALTH VR headset is pressurising buttons involuntarily, you can try a number of options to solve the problem:

  1. Turn your phone 180° – your phone’s internal gyroscope will correct the image and the pressure points differ from the top of the clamp to the bottom.
  2. Use the spare foam sticker pads included in the packaging to alter the point of contact between clamp and phone, to direct pressure away from the problem button.
  3. Release the spring-loaded clamp gently when you are positioning your phone, so as not to create unnecessary pressure.

Why do your headsets not have their own individual QR Codes for Google Cardboard? 

The reason that we don’t have our own specific Google Cardboard QR code is because our headset is adjustable to suit individual user preference. Specific QR codes inform the cardboard app of the distance between lenses and also the distance lens-to-screen. By building headsets with customisable settings, we allow for each user to enjoy VR to its full potential.

If prompted by Google Cardboard – or any other app – to scan your QR code, simply select skip and then adjust your headset to your own preferred settings!


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