STEALTH VR 360° Camera Action Pack

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What is the 360° Camera Action Pack?

The 360° Camera Action Pack consists of 3 elements; a Stealth VR 360° Action Camera, The Camera Mounting Kit and the STEALTH VR100 Headset, allowing you to shoot, share and relive the best moments in life.

The 360° Action Camera boasts impressive 16 megapixel photos and shoots 2K video in full 360°, the lightweight camera is the ideal way to capture indescribable moments, because your friends and family can now experience them. 

The Camera Mounting Kit's components are specifically designed to allow the camera to be positioned and used in any situation imaginable. The Kit includes:

Handle Bar Mount/ Windscreen Mount/ Selfie Stick/ Helmet Fastener Mount/ Chest Strap Mount/ Head Strap Mount/ Mini Tripod/  Wrist/Leg/Ankle Strap/ Cleaning Cloth/ Soft Carry Pouch/ USB Cable     

Never miss a thing with an additional battery which is included, extending the battery life to 4 hours. A Remote Control is also included so that the perfect angle doesn't have to be ruined when using the camera, with a range of up to 10 meters, it is now easier to capture those perfect moments. 

The STEALTH VR100 provides the perfect stage for your story, re-experience each second in VR mode as you are fully immersed in your adventure once again. 

STEALTH VR 360° Action Camera

 360° Action Camera 

The Stealth VR 360° Action Camera is perfect for capturing those special moments. The lightweight camera films in full 360 degrees at 2K resolution, taking in all of your surroundings at once so you get the full picture. Panoramic shots with the 16 megapixel camera and a wide angle of 220° enables you to get more out of each breath taking shot. Expandable memory of up to 64GB and an additional battery, which extends the full battery life to 4 hours, means you won't miss that perfect shot. 




Choosing between 3 camera modes, the 360° Camera's Sony image sensor shoots an impressive 2K resolution video and a 220° Panoramic view so you get the full picture. An additional battery allows you to film up to 4 hours, the built in mic. captures all the sound so you don't miss a thing.




You don't need a special lens to change the view of your video. The in-App software provides 8 different viewing modes for you to choose from, so that your story has the biggest impact.

Camera Mounting Kit


Camera Mounting Kit

The Camera Mounting Kit provides the perfect tools for all occasions. Film effortlessly with the various attachments, all specifically designed to allow the camera to be positioned and used in any situation imaginable. Attach the camera through the screw function or by using the waterproof casing which can easily be securely fastened onto any of the Camera Mounting Kit components. The remote control gives easy access to functions when the camera is in prime position.

Stealth VR100 Headset


VR100 Headset

Give your story the stage it deserves with the STEALTH VR100 Headset, providing the platform for your friends and family to see your adventures from your view, or re-experience every moment like it was the first time.

Fully adjustable to suit all user preferences, the STEALTH VR100 is a comfortable, lightweight and stylish way to enjoy your own personal Virtual Reality. Compatible with everything up to and including the latest smartphones, STEALTH VR is your key to a virtual world of limitless possibilities.

shoot / View / Share

Shoot / View / Share

Share your story with the World with simple to upload videos via your desktop and share with your friends through YouTube and Facebook. 

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