VR Xmas


Dear Scrooges and Sticks-in-the-mud,

Today, your 11-month reign of terror is at an end. For 334 days of the year, the noble elves among us have to silently endure your wet blanket-ry but enough is enough. It’s December and it’s Christmas so there.

This delightful little game plops you into the middle of a festive snow-y idyll and tasks you with tracking down Santa’s reindeer. Kenzie, Strider, Freek, Reepa, Melo-D, Hit-LA, Skyver and Spike-E have run off and hid themselves all over village, can you find them?

Edit: Several sources have now alleged that, in the content above, our experts confused Santa’s Reindeer with members of Blazin’ Squad. There will be no further comment from STEALTH VR on this matter.




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