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Like a disgruntled manager bringing up the house lights at the end of the night, 2017 has called time on last year. In the cold light of (New Year’s) Day, we take a good hard look at ourselves for the first time since the Christmas Eve Panettone Incident and it ain’t pretty.

In these first few days following the Christmas and New Year binge, the struggle is real. As the streets teem with runners and public transport reeks of juice-cleansing, all anybody really wants to do is to retreat back into their hole and wait for the whole self-improvement exercise to run its course.

Thanks to the sympathetic souls over at VIRTUALWARE, you can do just that. They saw the plight of the plumpened masses and decided to render a dark and yet beautiful little haven for all those that aren’t quite ready to face reality. With VR Cave you can float serenely through cavernous caverns, taking in impressive stalagmites and gorgeous crystal formations, without ever coming across a mirror.

Best of all: this stone sanctuary is likely a lot bigger than your real-life hovel, it’s not strewn with wrappers and it doesn’t smell like regret. Doesn’t smell like anything, come to think of it.

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