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Ever since you first set out those jumpers for goalposts in the back garden and skied the crucial penalty past the imaginary left upright – through your parents’ bedroom window* – you’ve dreamt of redemption.

Thankfully, the good people over at Ivanovich Games have decided to give you that opportunity to redeem yourself on the biggest of stages. Using your head to aim, curve and power your shots beyond helpless defenders and goalkeepers on your route to international glory, you can blast scorchers into the top corner – right up where the spiders live – without fear of infuriating the neighbours or receiving a triumphant wedgie from any smug siblings.

The fun doesn’t just stop at taking set pieces, though. With Final Kick, you get the chance to stop goals as a keepers between the sticks. Nobody actually likes going in goal in real life, and here’s why:

1. It’s boring.
2. You never get to score any pingers. (unless you’ve gone up for a corner, in which case: phwoooar)
3. There’s every chance that you’ll have your face rearranged by a particularly fizzy volley.
4. You’re not allowed to get annoyed at people for kicking it too hard, even though that’s definitely a legitimate gripe.

In the virtual world however, these obstacles simply don’t exist and you can dive all over the place without fear.

Inside tip: start wide of the target and then whip your head back towards the goal to get some wicked curve on your shots. Willow Smith would be SICK at this game.

*Sorry mum, I saw my chance and I went for glory. Give me my time back, I’d do the same thing again.

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