CoSpaces: Make Your Own VR


Ever since the dawn of time November 2015 we’ve been searching high and low for THE app that perfectly encapsulates the essence of STEALTH VR but today we’re calling time on our hunt… BECAUSE WE”VE JOLLY WELL DONE IT!

Fire the cannons and release the doves – the ultimate personal VR experience is here. With CoSpaces: Make Your Own VR you can build your own 3D environments filled with all manner of weird and wonderful items – then explore your creations in full 360° VR!

When we set up the YOUR VR online community network, we wanted to give people access to content that allowed them to forge their own unique Virtual Reality journey. What CoSpaces have done is taken those principles, multiplied them by 10, pumped them full of chutzpah and strapped them up with roller-skates.

Dear good people of CoSpaces,

You might not know us but, by crikey, you get us. Congrats, you have officially won Virtual Reality.


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