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Click on an image below to enlarge. Previous Next Features Features The VR200 is a premium Mobile VR headset designed to give you the perfect VR experience. 42mm lenses give unrivalled clarity to make your virtual experience completely unforgettable. Breathable leatherette eye padding and headband support ensure that the user […]
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Fully adjustable to suit all user preferences, the VR100 is a comfortable, lightweight and stylish way to enjoy your own personal Virtual Reality. Compatible with everything up to and including the latest smartphones, STEALTH VR is your key to a virtual world of limitless possibilities.
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Click on an image below to enlarge. Previous Next Features Features The VR50 is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Mobile VR. A removable tray holds your phone in place while 35mm lenses allow you to immerse fully in your chosen virtual experience. A sliding front makes the VR50 […]
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Compact, lightweight, durable and impact resistant, VR POCKET is the viewer of choice for people on the move. Got a portable 360° camera? VR POCKET is the perfect travel companion. View your VR content anywhere, any time.
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